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Crazy lenses - How to wear them safely

Every time Halloween comes around it seems that every news journalists wants to publish an article about the dangers of wearing Crazy Fx or Coloured Contact Lenses. If you believed everything you read you would think these lenses are the worst demons out there, but with a few precautions you can wear crazy Fx lenses safely.

Crazy contact lenses come in many designs, from cats eye, blood red and white out and can definitely make your halloween costume pop, but why leave them just for halloween they can be a great addition to a night out, not just changing your eye colour from brown to blue but how about Luna eclipse or Pixie?

Millions of people are wearing and buying contact lenses online every day with no risk to their eyes, so why should Halloween lenses be any different? Well they don’t need to be, we want you to be safe and have fun in your crazy lenses, so here are a few guideline to protect your eyes and safely wear crazy lenses

1. Get a prescription from your optician

Crazy lenses can have a power just like regular contact lenses but most are plano (no power) so it’s easy to think you don’t need a contact lens prescription, but to safely wear crazy contact lenses we advise you having a contact lens fitting.

Not only will the optometrist check your eyesight but they will check the health of your eyes and take special measurements of your eyes so you know the contact lenses will fit well, also whilst at the opticians someone will advise you on how to look after your lenses and how to insertion and remove them.

A full contact lens trial may take 2 weeks or more so the earlier you can get this out of the way the better.

2. Don’t overwear wear your lenses

If you are new to contact lens wear it’s important not to over wear your lenses.

Your optometrist will have advised a wearing schedule and it may take a few days to get up to several hours wear, so the sooner you get that fitting the longer you can look fabulous.

3. Always buy from a reputable supplier - not sure on this one- any ideas??

Crazy lenses are available from a variety of sources in the high street and online, it’s important that you buy them from a reputable dealer to make sure you are getting the real thing and not a copy. Avoid buying them from a market or a fancy dress store.

A reputable seller will be able to give https://www.contactlenses.co.uk/education/health.htm>advice on contact lens wear

4. Learn how to insert and remove your lenses

I know it sounds obvious that you need to know how to insert and remove your lenses. Many people leave this until the last minute then they take ages to insert the lens, causing redness or discomfort and later in the evening when it comes to removing the lens (probably after a drink or two) it can seem harder than you thought.

If you are confident with insertion and removal then wearing lenses is easy and you reduce the risk of complications by over wearing the lens.

5. Learn how to take care of your lenses like a pro

This may sound difficult and time consuming but a few simple techniques will have you wearing and handling your crazy contact lenses like a pro.

Apart from learning how to insert and remove the lenses, it helps to bear the following in mind-

  • Practice good Hygiene (Before handling your lenses, always wash, rinse and dry your hands)
  • Apply make-up after you insert your lenses
  • Keep fingernails short - (at least the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand)
  • Do not share contact lenses, bacteria can easily spread from one user to another.
  • If your eyes feel dry, itchy or just not right, remove the lenses.
  • Check out our Do’s and Dont’s
  • Carry a clean contact lens case filled with fresh solution with you - this will prevent you taking the risk of leaving your lenses in overnight - a big no no.
  • NEVER store use contact lenses in tap water

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 17 Oct 2018, Last modified: 4 Mar 2020