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Ways to Survive Black Friday

5 Ingenious Ways to Survive Black Friday

Scary as it is, Christmas is less than 6 weeks away, but you can get in some pre Christmas shopping, and Black Friday is a good opportunity to shop and save money - who doesn’t like that?

Although Black Friday has been a big thing in America since as early as the 1920’s, it’s only been called Black Friday since the 1970’s. Falling on the fourth Friday in November, it marks the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas season.

More recently with the popularity of online shopping and the dominance of American companies such as Amazon, Black Friday is becoming a bigger thing in the UK, with high street stores running deals to compete with their online rivals, discounts can be found on anything from white goods to contact lenses and sunglasses.

Black Friday is getting a bad rap for stress, overcrowding and hot tempers, with the not so occasional fight breaking out over that really hot deal, but it doesn’t have to be like that, here’s our 5 steps to get the most out Black Friday 2019.

1. Shop Online
This is the best and possibly the only way to avoid large crowds, and the rain!
Shopping online gives you, not just the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own living room but also to browse and take your time to get the bargain you really want and not get caught up in the frenzy.
Many retailers offer big discounts ahead of Black Friday, so start looking round early, check out prices and make sure you are getting a real bargain.

2. Be comfortable
If you have decided to brave the high street, make sure you are prepared for a long day, wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Try to avoid taking that heavy coat you like, it may look cold outside, but once in the shopping mall it just becomes an extra thing to carry.
If you get carried away and buy more than you can carry, remember, if you take things back to the car to start again make sure they are in the boot and out of sight.

3. Get an early start

Reduce the hassle in store by arriving early, although many people camp out the night before to grab the big bargains, you don’t have to go to quite those extremes, but by arriving just before or as the stores open, they will be far less crowded than later in the day, as many people start shopping late morning onwards, adding to the crowds.

4. Avoid the big malls and stores
It’s the big Malls and big high street chains that attract the big crowds, so if you can avoid these and find what you want in some of the small stores then why not? This way you can avoid being pushed and shoved around and support your local stores.
Not all local stores participate in Black Friday so if you need to head in to those busy chain stores, than make sure your bag is closed and you know where your phone is - large crowds in large towns can be easy pickings for thieves.

5. Make a list
In the heat of the moment emotions can run high, so prevent overspending and ending up with goods you didn’t want or don’t know what to do with.
The smart thing to do is make a list, this will help you not only stay on budget but will help prevent getting into Black Friday fights over that last TV, Laptop or gaming station that you didn’t really want anyway.

Get those bargains your way and take control of Black Friday - good luck and happy bargain hunting.
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Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 14 Nov 2018, Last modified: 17 Jul 2019