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Halloween safety tips

6 Important Dos and Don’ts this Halloween

It's that time of year again people........ no, not Christmas but Halloween

Halloween is one date in the calendar that has become more and more popular with being celebrated. With the ever increasing popularity of social media comes the need to outdo and improve on last years costume. Unfortunately gone are the days of just throwing on a plastic bin bag and a witches hat.

We now make more and more effort with dressing up for Halloween and the seasonal holidays. A fun and effective way to do this is by wearing a special effects lens.

As always with wearing lenses, there are important things to consider to make sure you are doing so safely.

1. Do make sure you have been fitted for lenses
We would always recommend that you only order Crazy Fx lenses if your optician /eye doctor has confirmed you are suitable to wear them and you are up to date with your eye exams.
Make sure you are confident in inserting and removing your lenses, this can be especially tricky if it's late, you’re tired and perhaps a little ‘jolly’ after one or two monster punch cocktails! If you are new to lenses and need a quick reminder, visit our page for insertion and removal.

2. Do not share your lenses
You may think it is a good idea to allow someone else to put your lenses in to ‘see what they look like’ however this can be a potential danger to your eye health and contact with someone else’s bacteria can lead to serious eye infections.

3. Do not over wear your contacts
As tempting as it might be, please make sure you do not over wear your Crazy Fx lenses.
Personally if I know I will be wearing my lenses on an evening for a long period of time, I try to wear my glasses during the day to give my eyes a rest, That way, you are more likely to feel more comfortable for longer when wearing your lenses.

4. Do not forget your case
It is not uncommon for lenses to become uncomfortable for a new or infrequent wearer. So don’t get caught out, take your lens case and solution so if need be, you can safely and hygienically store your Crazy Fx lenses. Do not be tempted to sleep in your lenses, or the following morning you might look like something from American horror story and in a lot of discomfort.

5. Do have fun
Have fun experimenting with your look, even by wearing one lens and your normal everyday clothes can have an amazing effect, and is even more creepy and head turning. If wearing makeup, always insert lenses before applying it.

6. DO tweet, hashtag and FB us your looks
We would love to see your Halloween looks, so please follow our twitter and instagram accounts - you may even get a retweet - exciting stuff hey

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 3 Nov 2018, Last modified: 29 Jul 2019