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How to get the best out of your Contact Lenses at Festivals

How to survive a festival in your contact lenses

It’s hard to believe that festival season is almost here, whether you were one of the lucky ones to bag Glastonbury tickets, heading off to the Isle of Wight or like some of us here, taking in a smaller more local event, one thing we will all be focusing on is the weather.

There’s no denying it, good or bad weather alters the feels of a festival, we all want sunny days and dry nights but all too often it seems we get washed out.

You’ll want to pack for both extremes of weather, whilst keeping your backpack light but if you want to see everything don’t leave your contact lenses off the list.

Contact lenses can pose their own problems at festivals but whether it’s baking hot or a total wash out you can wear your contact lenses and survive, here’s our tips on how to survive a festival with your contact lenses.

Young people successfully wearing contact enses at a music festival

Use Daily Disposable lenses

This is definitely the best tip, wearing daily disposable contact lenses is the safest option, providing your eyes with a fresh clean pair of lenses every day, the big plus is no cleaning routine at night - who wants that at a festival at 4 in the morning?- simply take out your lenses and throw them away.
If you don’t already wear daily lenses ask your optician about swapping to dailies and check out our Crystal contact lenses range, with prices as low as £6.99 for a box of 30 you may never go back to your monthly lenses.

Crystal Aqua contact lenses

Try continuous wear lenses
We are all aware of the risks of sleeping in lenses, and at festivals we are greater risk of doing this, due to late nights, alcohol, a break in routine etc If you don’t want to think about removing your lenses at all try continuous wear contact lenses, these are not for everyone so we recommending asking your optician for a trial before you head off.

Remove contact lenses before sleeping

Stay hydrated

It’s all too easy at a festival to get dehydrated, hot weather, restricted access to, or, expensive freshwater, the odd drink or two.. dehydration can effect the comfort of your contact lenses making them feel dry, itchy or uncomfortable.
Keep your water levels up and have some comfort drops handy and you should be good all weekend.

Stay hydrated for good contct lens health

Pack some comfort drops

Even though you are wearing daily lenses you may find your eyes get tired or dry especially if the sun comes out, then having a few vials of comfort drops will mean getting more out of your lenses.
We recommend the vials as you can pack just a few, pop one in your purse, wallet, or pocket and you get a fresh dose every time.

Vials of eye drops ideal for festivals

Protect your eyes from the sun

Although most contact lenses provide UV protection they don’t cover the whole of your eye so make sure you wear a pair of sunglasses that provide UV 400 protection. Contactlenses.co.uk has a great range of Earth friendly range of sunglasses with sustainable bamboo arms and wood pulp front look good and feel good too.

Earth friendly sunglasses

Pack your glasses

Even if you follow all of our suggestions there is still a chance you may have to leave out your lenses.
You don’t want to miss a thing at the festival so make sure you pack your glasses - even if you leave them in the car.

Pack your contact lenses and your glasses for a long festival

Author: John Dreyer Optometrist Bsc(Hons), MCOPTOM, DipCLP
Created: 7 Jun 2019, Last modified: 4 Mar 2020